Letra de Railroad Blues
Spoken: Well Lloyd, here we are, we're at the end of another record, and it sounds like we've got a, a real good one here
this time. But folks, you know a, we're supposed to have roughly, I guess, 40 minutes of music for ya here, and Lloyd says
we've only got like 39 and 50 seconds worth, so, just for the hell of it, here's one from us to you, here's a song I wrote
when I was 23 years old it's called the Railroad Blues. Here we go . . . 1,2, , 1,2,3

Livin' and lovin'
That's how most folks make their way
I always look forward to goin' home everyday
Well I'd give a hundred dollars if I could be in their shoes
Lord I'm so damn lonesome, I got them low down blues

Everybody's got someone, yet I'm all alone
I got no phone number, no one to call my own
And every night that lonesome whistle lets me know when a train goin' by
Some times when I hear it I wanna lay down and die

Yodal lay ee, yodal oh, yodal eh.

(Ah, here's the professor)

A whole lotta memories, and I bottle of beer
Along with a lost love, and a jug fulla tears
Oh I can hear that whistle whinin' when the hour is
Lord the Union Pacific makin' it's way across the Lone Star state

Well this is my story, I ain't a playin' around (nah, I sure ain't)
I got an old trailer, on the outskirts of town
It's just me and this here guitar and a bottle of booze
Slappin' out a rhythm and singin' the blues

Yodal lay ee, oh Railroad Blues

(Well there you go folks, from me and the professor, y'all have a good day)