Bloody Pit Off Horror Letra


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Letra de Bloody Pit Off Horror
Stench of rot and filth prevails You fight against the iron chains to no avail Strung up in my chamber of torture and sin Naked and sweating, let the beatings begin! Warm up the tongs in the fireplace Press the searing metal against your innocent face Break out the whip, put you to the test Pour molten hot oil on your quivering breasts... By body count continues, you're just another bitch When I'm finished I'll dump you in a ditch Strap your welted body to my wooden rack If you're lucky you'll die of a heart attack The horrible bed of nails could be too much for you But if you don't like it, I've got a mask of spikes for you! Vise grips cruch you breasts in a csreaming fit I'll nail your fingers to the table, make you eat your own shit ...When I'm through you'll be begging for more, And I'll rape your broken body in my Bloody Pit Off Horror!!!!