Warm Summer Days Letra

The Exit

Home For An Island

Letra de Warm Summer Days
I hear the sounds of Warm Summer Days

To Dan the Man
I got your letter
Good to know that you do alright
I know I said I'd be back by the summer
But now it seems they added time
If you could just please don't tell my mother
Anything that I say here now
Yesterday in fall
A suicide bomb too ten men down

I hear the sounds of warm summer days

When your innocent eyes awaken
to find your feet and the dust
in the sand
and instead of a phone or your IPOD
son - you got a gun in your hand
I remember the day you signed up
For school mom just can't afford
And the lies came crashing from top shelves
Pulled you straight to the desert storm

Do you pray for silence, look for a way back home.....