Brixton Briefcase Letra

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Letra de Brixton Briefcase
In here my Brixton Briefcase (yea)
Where they cross the palm
London is burning (yea)
But the beat goes on

Feel My Power (power)
The eletric life
New York boys (yea)
Run the town tonight

We don't need no fighting
Fo this beautiful girls around
But you goin' change, Mc London (?)
As soon as the sun goes down

Turn it On
Oh, Turn it On

I got a Brixton Briefcase (yea)
Industry of sound
Words betrayed
The Italian down (?)

It's a Brixton Briefcase (briefcase)
Is that such a sin?
Books get better (back on?)
Makin' a Chelsea ??

How do you .. anymore of
Smile until u get her (?)
Shake ur ass for me, mama
They're playin' ur favorite song

Turn it On
Oh, Turn it On

Four of records
Nothing's solved
Turn it up and loud on
Tell off bills: fuck off! (?)

Upon my feelin'
Upon my friends
But Do not do that shame (?)
There are two of the ends

Oohh ?????
Pretending to be posh
Baby, their music ... (?)
Puttin' a wanker with such a Porshe (?)

Get it up
Oh, Get it up

I got a Brixton Briefcase
Feel My Power
Got a Brixton Briefcase
F-F-Feel My Power