Ridiculous Games 2060 Letra

Anni B Sweet

Ridiculous Games

Letra de Ridiculous Games 2060
Now the modern boys want no romance
if I new better I would surely hide
who loves me I’ll love him back
I don’t want to end up as cold as you are

Now the modern girls need no romance
I guess they forgot what was it like
if there is nowhere else to go
feed your mind with dreams before it gets too dark

All the things I’ve seen
will slowly fade away and be drawn into the sea
take me to that place
where I knew what I wanted to be and say

I prefeer to saty at home tonight
why should I pretend I feel alright
I could fake it just for a while
I can feel myself frowing colder tonight

All the things I felt
will slowly fade away and turn into air
take me to that game
where I knew what I wanted to be or say