Elena Tonra

And I take one step forwards when you take three steps back.It's not right for you to treat me like thatand I called you about an hour agobut you didnt calls me back,So I left you a comment on myspace but your internets fucked up... apparently.But it's alright, yeah, I'm completely over it.So I'll see you tomorrow night? What? You can't make it? Then I'll see you next weekend, you can't make it then?So I'll just see you the week after thatyeah baby I'll be waiting right here like a total twat.And it's about quarter past eight and I'm waiting round the corner where you said that we would meet for our date and I think I'm looking alright.'cos I'm wearing those jeans that you bought from the States. Well it's about three hours later and I'm still standing in the rain, but it's alright you forgot cos my hair needs Letras de cancioneswashing anyways...And it's alright, yeah,I'm completely over it.You must have just forgot it was tonightor you couldn't make it cos maybe your grandmas ill or something, or you broke a limb, got done in by a gang of angry muggers... or maybe you're just a fucker...But it's alright.. I'm completely over it yeah,So I'll see you tomorrow night? what? you can't make it?then i'll see you next weekend...oh yeah that's right you're seeing my friendso I'll just see you the week after that yeah baby I'll be waiting right here like a total twat From Letras Mania