Warning; the following album of audio formatted material is by the death-pop experimental music act, CorpseCorpseCorpse.It contains lyrics, ideas, and content of a highly explicit nature to children and adults alike.Accordingly, CorpseCorpseCorpse ask that no one attempt to recreate or reenact any of the situations, or activities messaged upon this record.The messages and content should not be taken 100% seriously as the actual thoughts and beliefs of the band members.In response to certain questions asked of the band prior to this recording;Yes, they are a real band that makes what some people may or may not deem as music.Yes, they do all make the material themselves.No, they do not use a drum kit for percussion input, but instead buckets and other household or garden items accompanied with drum sticks or an equivalent.Yes, they all do play their instruments and know how to play them, regardless of how advanced their skills may or may not be.And yes, they are better than you.Now, please press repeat record or album on your chosen audio player, and enjoy the sexy perfection that is: CorpseCorpseCorpse. From Letras Mania