Austin Gibbs & The States

You make it hard to breathWith every step you take closer to meI am cold with every touch And i cant fall asleepI cant stand to be without you Now that you've figured out who i amI cant stand to look into your eyes Now that i realize You make me weakYou make me loveYou make me what to scream your name at the top of my lungsYou make me shake You rescue meBut most of all you make meCompleteI am drawing pictures in your handAnd being away from you is something i cant standI feel your breath upon my cheekYou my everything and my heart is yours to keepI dont have the strength to stay awayBecause i am falling more in love with youEach and everydayI cant stand to not be by your side Now that i realize Letras de cancionesYou make me weakYou make me love You know i'll stay with you forever But thats not enough From Letras Mania