Alpha Galates

Why am I here? What is my point?I wish I could end this torture, I know that things will never change.Tried to preach and make them understand the true meaning.I just want to buy my cars and fill my home and work.Suck up every thing I can so don't make me out to be the jerk.You speak of truth and understanding, why fool yourself again?I would just pick death to knosis, empathy's your curse.Guide my way, guide my hand, my choice.Guide my way, guide my hand, hear my voice.Guide my way, guide my hand, it's so tired.Whisper peace, snuff me out.I never want to see another sunny day.Try not to think about what your purpose is, this will make you tired, this will make you confused. Instead, try and spend more time making lists of things that you would like to buy. Take out that second mortgage, or third, and buy your kid's a bigger TV set. Encourage your wife to diet and work out, but be sure to buy foods packed with hydrogenated oils. Maybe she needs larger breasts?If we all work together, we can put an end to all of this "equality" nonsense.Try not to think about what your purpose is. From Letras Mania