Phil Collins

I Can Change
(From Almost Heaven Soundtrack) I can change I can be the man I need to be for you Yes I can change I can put the past behind me Cause like a ship without an anchor Like a sun without a moon I am lost but I can change for you There'll be times, oh there'll be moments I may slip and fall from view But I can change and with you right here beside me I will feel the warmth of your love I will feel your beating hard And you will see that I can change for you They can try to pull me down I'll bounce right back And they can beat my proudly words I'll turn away There is nothing I can't do There is nothing I won't do No nothing now is gonna keep me Letras de cancionesAway from you Away from you, oh, so I'm here There's no turning back for me My heart is here and now will change Oh I'll show them I can do it Cause if you're feeling what I'm feeling Oh nothing's gonna turn us round I know I can, yes I can change for you Oh I can change, come wrap your arms around me And I'll change, hold me close I can be your guardian angel Through the sadness and the sorrow I will rise and face the sun And you will see that I can change for you Ooh I can change for you (Thanks to neven for these lyrics) From Letras Mania