Valor And Might
Above an endless sea Of swords and shields Echo the winds of war As battles spawn, empires fall Tyrants destroy the land Set ablaze, Our city burns in ruin Advance toward the land We once called home Waves of arrows Black out crimson skies And shatter mortal souls Raze their mighty walls To rebuild our once beloved home Warriors clash and blood is spilled Tens of thousands will die Slay our enemies by dawn Let the slaughter begin! Tyrants will fall To our scorching steel We are, we are of valor and might Obliterate oppressive bonds Letras de cancionesThat enslave our people Rise up, Reclaim what was once ours We are, we are those Of valor and might Hear us O gods of valor And gods of might Grant us the strength To vanquish All those who oppose us We are, we are those ...of valor and might From Letras Mania