Marian Renta

If I Can't Have You
Verse 1: Saying I love you could never make you understand it's the look in my eyes or the touch of your hand One thought of you can take my every breath away there's so much you should known so much to say With you I've felt things that I never knew I'm falling deeply in love with you Waking up in the morning without you next to me has been the hardest thing oh baby can't you see Chorus: If I can't have you forever I don't want you at all tell me that you feel the same please don't let me fall dreams last so long Letras de cancionesjust holding on to you making you my all and all is something I must do Verse 2: When I'm alone these tears roll down my face the fear of losing you I long for your embrace so far away but so close in my heart my life without you leaves me to fall apart Born to make you happy my love for you never dies Every time I see your face I see my future in your eyes (Instrumental break) (Chorus) (Instrumental break 2) If I can't have you If I can't have you (forever) (repeat) (Thanks to Yolanda for these lyrics) From Letras Mania