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Against All Odds - Feat.kano
I was raised in a city with no heart, Where there's no car, Steppin' when it comes to be gettin' that dough fast, I'm a hustler, I'm a, I'm a hustler Raised on the battle field, Born as a sufferer, Before i had a deal i was still stackin' deals, Get punked sell food to the costomers, Now i get love crews in the back o' the S Class, Dem cant move like dat Y'na, (I was raised in) I come from where man were done for hardly nothin' You can see it in the blues that I'm hardly frontin' Got kids with guns in the heart of London, Bullet proof vests ? There's no acters and actress' barley around here, This matches them straps of Manchesters, Soon as you exit Stanstead you might see From Letras Mania