Aurora Borealis

Sky Dweller
Ahhhh Hydra The serpentine, Immortal so it seems Slain, it cannot be, Soon I shall see In the shadows I go, into its home In the shadows I know, it waits alone In the shadows I fan, my feelings of hate Nine heads staring at me, eighteen eyes that can see No fear in my soul, this beast I control Battle raising fierce, off with one head and two appear what can be done, to pass this labor the second one In the depths of this hell, lerna calls me out snake, marshes its bed, soon it s home will run red Blood falling like rain, its life will I drain Burn the severed limbs, none will appear again One the first head falls, two seal it off third head and fourth, the legend heads north six, seven and eight, the ninth I decapitate last and immortal head I bury down, beneath the ground Forever, and ever, and ever From Letras Mania