Method Man & Redman

Dis Iz 4 All My Smokers
[Verse 1: Method Man] Meth wats up nigga? Doc wats really good? got dat bush and dat backward light up in any hood. Yep I'm dat hood my brutha, loan me some cali kush neva thought dat little bush in dat baggy would have me hooked. I'm a pothead Everyone look and point ya fingaz at tha bad guy with da cotton mouths and glass eyes. huh. fuck it I'm that high I'm blowin smoke cloudz, got my head in tha clouds, fuck it I'm that fly. Doc what's up nigga? [Verse 2: Redman] You know how I bus find me drunk fucked up at tha canibus cup. for those who don't smoke, get the middle finga up you smoke more then us nigga it's beginners luck My truck wide with 5-0 eyes on it, it's like tha blunt when you ain't got 5 on it I challenge any opponent, who wanna smoke? we can puff till our voice get lower then tone loc like [Hook:] Yea yea yea yea Yea yea yea Ain't nobody smokin more then Me up in here! Puff dis shyt, you'll get high off this here because DIS IZ FOR ALL MY SMOKERS I'm like yea yea yea yea, yea yea yea yea, ain't nobody smokin more then Meth up in here Ayo puff dis bitch you'll get high off this here because DIS IZ FOR ALL MY SMOKERS [Verse 3: Redman] I'm like Oh my god, oh my god, I started growin sour dies in my home garage Now niggas on the block say I'm on my job cause now I rock more chains then Armistad Letras de cancionesThis my entourage, this not HBO a bitch see me she like 'oh there he go' You can smoke with da bro if you got ass and nice tits, but fuck you with dat 'I'm high offa life' shyt! [Verse 4: Method Man] They tried to make me go to rehab no, Tell my PO that I ain't tryna let the weed bag go You can catch me in tha whip pushin the seats back slow, my chicks a vegan that means she off tha meat rack tho. Look ma I'm eatin cause when it's time to get back dough, I sink my teeth in, and turn around and spit dat flow They call me beastin I monsta tha booth, so in tha cut I leave em bleedin, little swag with some Mrs. Dash I'm seasoned. [Hook] [Verse 5: Meth] I got flavors, I'm major baby send in tha troops that johhny blaza leave ashes in yur Timbaland boots Can't fuck with hatas, just mad I got a pocket of loot I'm chasin papers, your tryna be a rock in my shoe I'm a fatha, I don't drink with kids, these youngins thinkin they hard, I think harder then they think they is I'm bout as proper as my english is and hope I did my thing before I die for tha things I did. [Verse 6: Red] Everybody light it up and smoke with ya man, and cigarette smokers change ya game plan cause dis is for all my marijuana smokers, backward, swisha sweets, and Dutchy rollas, yea I pull over, start pullin out money Cause I buy weed like everyday 4/20 You know what else funny? I thought was so gudda, I'm cheech and chongs brutha, just got different muthas! Ye yea yea yea ye yea ye yea Don't nobody smoke more then doc up in here [Hook] From Letras Mania