Method Man

I'm Dope Nigga
[Intro: Redman (Method Man)] Straight up, nigga Brick City on fire, nigga We on fire, nigga (Beast shit) yeah (Oh yeah, my mic sound real nice, check it) (Yeah, uh, ok) yessir Hot off the press, yo, yo [Redman] Check out the, main attraction, black man in action The orangutan that remain a captain You need a boost, I'm the right thing to tap in Cuz hip hop is lame, the whole game is lacking I make my commission off, weed and shows Chicks wanna spread rumors like Club New Vogue But I pimp it like my ruff-ruff-ruff-ruff, we don't love them hoes Each flow that I'm spitting sound mall nutrition But it's phat when the clip in, boy, I mean business We got beef for the teeth, with soy bean niggas Redman & Method Man, stay in the lab America meet the new Tango & Cash Hip hop is in trouble, I stay on the pad Rappers wanna feature me, I'm like give me a math I'm like "nah", I'mma keep it funky, nigga Talk 20, cuz for money, I"m a junkie nigga Letras de canciones [Chorus: Method Man (Redman)] I'm dope, nigga (yeah, that's what the say) (Frank Lucas with the pen, get at me, ok?) I'm dope, nigga, dirty needle stuck in the arm Hustle til the package is gone, never tuck in my charm, cuz I'm I'm dope, nigga (now I'm out to my dope) (Nino Brown takeover, that's how I roll) Now let me smoke witcha, hard when the kid on the job Keep a step ahead of the law, push the peddle and floor [Method Man] I got that small change, my nigga, quarters, nickels & dimes I might cop a little shine, favorite pistol, a nine I can't deal with fickle minds cuz I'm too official with mine Put your nose in my notebook and go and sniff you a line I'm dope, nigga, I'm heroin in it's prime While the game is on it's decline, bitches on my define I fine rhyme and easy, but I ain't easy to find Number one on my to do list, please believe me, it's crime Ain't with the tom foolery, Meth, if you don't know that I'mma bet on what to do with me, yet, go 'head and Google me Your boy flow fluently, yes, still got that Wu in me Screw it, let me do it to death, minus the eulogy Ah-hah, I'm ahead of the game, ahead of these lames I'm a head case, the head nurse is getting better with brain Let me network, the rest of you niggas stay in your lane Know your network, now back to the script, like I was saying [Chorus] [Redman] The hip hop Yogi Berra, New York, let's get together It took a '90's boy, to flow in your era Niggas never saw me when I write, and signed in a letter I was born the son of Helen Keller My skin is Old Yeller, but a bitch dig a fella She like the way car wheels flip the propellers I 'stay fly' like Three 6, someone tell her Doc & Meth tough like Run-DMC leather [Method Man] I'm the 'king of rock', dimes, grams and ki's Cuz the world don't give a fuck if I got a fam to feed This a heroin dream, smash up a fiend You can see this pack in my jeans, put you back on your lean Yeah, back for a fit, back on my shit Got my ex from back in the days, even back on my dick This is crack shit, ya'll do it big, I super size Coke Classic, my nose in the 'cane, like Super Fly, cuz I'm [Chorus] From Letras Mania