Andrew Bird

Fitz And The Dizzyspells
Comes and goesLike in fits and dizzy spellsLike the weatherAnd it blowsLike it knows what's going wrongLike it's cleverHas a name but the name goes unspokenWeather wanesWere all twisted and brokenSo soldier on, soldier onFlailing to the whir of a snack machineAnd muted screams of an old regimeAnd then ohSomething get is in itThe nightshade gets in itWe were all fast asleepWere all so fast asleepBut you woke usYou woke us from the strangest dream thatAn aubergine could ever knowWould ever knowLava flows over crooks and craggyLetras de cancionesCliffs to the oceanAnd explodes in a steam heat feveredCyclical motionHas a nameBut the name goes unspokenIt's in vainCause the language is brokenSo cast your own, cast your ownSoldier on From Letras Mania