Method Man & Redman

[Intro: Redman (Method Man) {stage people}] D.C. make some God damn noise {You got, you got Meth mic, right? } {We can only fix one mic at a time} {Ok, he got Meth, mic? } (Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to welcome you) (To the Redman & Method Man show) Yes sir, yes sir [Redman:] Yo, when you see smoke in the air Two hot boys that put coke in your ear Fuck pimp, I wanna get dope of the year Til I die and I smoke with a lear Boost my career, and bare arms heavy What you trynna get, I was there already Yeah, I'm a wise ass, take one to know one Asshole Academy, yeah I'm the spokesman Talk that greasy, on the north TV Even pigs love the Boss Hog CD What you find hard, I do it easy I can see why the next guy wanna be me Yeah, I'm a problem, ya'll can't solve 'em Straight up bitch like Cartman mama Keep a 'brown fox' like the 'I'll na na' B.O. 2, bitch, we bring the drama Letras de canciones [Chorus: Redman] How the fuck ya'll feeling tonight? How the fuck ya'll feeling tonight? For real [Method Man:] Yup, I think my mind playing tricks on me I hold the weight like my name set the smith on me It's Meth & Doc, nigga, back on that, homey Back on the strip, how many women wanna strip for me? This nigga spit, don't he? My flow is heavy As Katrina when she broke the levy's, real as they get, whoadie Ya'll better get to know me, I'm top notch Got a thing for the top spot, too hot for you to hold me When niggas ugly you gotta cut me a dime Little Asian honey is funny, she love me long time Get this money, if you don't mind, got money on my mind Cause I'm hungry, never dummy, the sun forever shine, nigga If you rolling with us, then throw your hands up We need Bricks and Staten Island to stand up Here's your chance, my niggas, go 'head and man up Blunt Brothers, see we at a level they can't touch [Chorus] [Redman (Method Man) {both}:] Yo, Redman (Method Man) back in the building (We can ship gold) fuck one million (Underground rap) That's what you hearing {Middle finger up like fuck ya'll feelings} {Yeah, yeah, fuck ya'll feelings} That's how it sound when them boys be wheeling {Yeah, yeah, fuck ya'll feelings} (Niggas can't eat, then it's back to robbing and stealing) Give it up, nigga! From Letras Mania