Staring Back (Reflections)
There seems to be something going on inside of you Maybe what you need is just another point of view But not from me, that's not for me to do So, step back, relax, take a second, look inside of you And you can see an image of yourself you never saw before Despite all the trauma you've felt If one way or another, we all are bright stars It's just a simple way to find out who we really are Why do we let it out of control? Has all this taken a toll? I don't know if we can take anymore We've got to stop and take a look in the mirror before Step back, take a look inside yourself From the outside, you can see someone else staring back at you It's your reflection Why do you feel so empty every time you've had enough? Well, maybe you don't realize with what you've been filling up It's plain to see that eventually you will see The Jekyll and Hyde game in your mind is just a simile Before your perception has started to get a little numb And your perfection isn't helping anyone Your reflection is the only way for you to see For your protection, you need to see reality From Letras Mania