Hannah Montana

Are You Ready
Put on your coolest dress And your hottest pair of shoes C'mon let's go oh Get in my car and turn the radio on up high I said high At the red light boy's tryin' to get the digits But we sneak by Ah by by Cause we're headin' to the club Nothin's gonna stop us now let's go Oh Chorus: Are you ready(x3) Let's go Are you ready(x3) Let's go Are you ready,are you Yeah I'm comin' up with all my girlz We're gonna party like there's never a worry Cause good times,rules so no curfews We're showin' off our moves The breeze so cool Let your hair down Tonight you get to be a superstar Letras de cancionesYou're livin' like a superstar So we're flirtin' with the dude at the door Til he says we're ok Hey Move the velvet rope, Back off, Get out of our way Hey All the guys got their eyes on us As we're movin' up to the floor Oh Tryin' to wast our time But we're doin'what we came here for (We're here to dance baby) Oh Chorus We get red carpet love When we come steppin' up The boys keep droppin' their jaws Can never get enough We make them stop and stare We see them everywhere And now you know who we are Tonight you're livin' like a superstar Chorus (Thanks to Shania for these lyrics) From Letras Mania