Anti-Nowhere League

Beware The Madman
Here's Johnny! I'm through the kitchen, through the bedroom, through the hall, through your mind. No reservation or creation, no animation, of any kind. I call you maybe, Things are getting hazy. Look out the window, to the people, out of breath, out of time. So close the window, close the doors, close your head, close your mind. I call you maybe, But you're never home. Think I'm going crazy. (?) through the metal, through the city, through the grind. Picking up the daisies, being lazy, being twisted, being blind. I call you maybe, But my head is crazy. Tend/Turn to religion, and condition (air condition), and transition, and rewind. Lost in your body, in your head, lost in your dreams, lost in your mind. I call you maybe, But you're never home, Letras de cancionesYou don't like me crazy! Look out your window, smell the colors, see the wind, taste the air. Now I am happy, I am sad, please forgive me, I am mad! I call you maybe, Now I am crazy! Now I am crazy! From Letras Mania