Abhor (Ita)

Trees Of Stone
Elunh, Earth, come to me, come to me! Amril, Fire, come to me, come to me! Wuath, Wave, come to me, come to me! Thlimè, Wind, come to me, come to me! From the wind, the voices of thousand masters I feel, teachings fixed in megalythics altars, the sky is now designed on the earth and the energy disposed like the cloth of a sage spider, funeral temples like dimensional gates. Ars moriendi, Tempus fugit! Much is that the man has lost, moon and stars were his memory, you are there, oh colossus, to the shade of a millennial yew tree and I still don' t understand the mysteries that you conceal. Anything is eternal, but you are deathless, son of the raffishness, are you ready to return? Oh Spiriti del Nord, delle nevi profonde e delle notti lunghe delle terre settentrionali! Oh antenati i cui spiriti rifulgono luminosi nei cieli stellati! Oh creature dell' oscurità vellutata, antichi maestri dell' inverno! Rendete omaggio a questo nostro rito sacro, come noi rendiamo omaggio a Voi. Fateci sentire la vostra presenza. Elunh, Earth, Evil, Evil! Amril, Fire, Evil, Evil! Wuath, Wave, Evil, Evil! Thlimè, Wind, Evil, Evil! De profundis clamavi...et misericordia nociva est! Giant of stone that you possess the Knowledge, feel my soul that floats in a limbonic learning From Letras Mania