My Pride
(I might give out, but I'll never give in...) [Verse 1:] What am I gonna do? I'm sitting here missing you. It's taking everything in me to not call and say to you, "I'm sorry for what I did, it was wrong what I did." But we all make mistakes and I hope it's not to late, but... [Chorus:] My pride won't let me call you and apologize. It's selfish to say, but my pride won't let me come to you And look you in the eyes and say, "Baby, I'm sorry." [Verse 2:] Want it back... you and me. We were mean to be lovers forever, doin this together. It was foolish to think that you'd put up with me. I want you to want me back, but I'll never tell you that because... [Chorus] [Bridge:] Oh I wish I was the kind of woman who Says "I'm sorry to you, " it's selfish but true. Oh I wish I had the personality to get down on my knees Letras de cancionesAnd say, "Please forgive me, but... " (Ba da da ba da da, ba ba, ba da da ba da da) [Chorus: to end] From Letras Mania