(Abc's & 123S)Happy After
Once upon a time There was a damsel Where deep in the hood Stood a castle And she often sat on the stoop And watched the ghetto youth Do the things they do And oh She dreamed of the day Her knight would come through With his shiney number... 22 To take her far away From the heartache and pain To a world she never knew [Chorus:] It's the same old story Just another life time Girl wants to be rescued From all the hard times You can be prince charming I'll be cinderalla Don't want a fairy tale Just gimme happy after For days on end Letras de cancionesShe tries to pretend Like with her There is nothing, nothing wrong Although she tries You can see the tracks from the tears that she cries All night long And she constantly weeps For the house with the picket fence And the big back yard And she hopes one day That a prince will take her away To a life that ain't so hard [Chorus] If I throw down my hair like Rapunzel Would you come up and save me If I'm in deep sleep like a beauty Would you kiss me to wake me And if my step mother won't let me out of the house Would you rescue me Would you rescue me [Chorus x2] Happily after give me after Happily after give me after Happily after give me after Happily after give me after Happy happy after After happy after From Letras Mania