Carrie Newcomer

Throw Me A Line
Why do I worry so much, it can't add a day or year? It usually comes down to a matter of love or fear. I really don't know, and I can't tell you why. One sparrow falls to the ground, and another one flies. Chorus Could you throw me a line Could you take me in? The worlds turning faster Than it ever has been. And what used to be sure Up and walked out the door. And the old ways I knew Just don't work anymore. Some days I'm a bird some days I'm a song. Some days I'm a storm sometimes I'm just plain wrong. But there is a still quiet voice and it sounds a little like mine, Saying, “You're right where you should be It's just going to take time.” Chorus Bridge: when's it all breaks down When they're nothing to lose When there's no more to say and there is nothing to prove Oh yeah bring it on, all things living in you. You're not just what has happen, you can be something new. But what you leave to the shadows, what stays in the dark, Will grieve you and seize you and cripple your heart. Chorus From Letras Mania