Carrie Newcomer

Now that he's gone Now the world has moved on Since he called my name Nothings the same. As my sister cried He said, "Lazarus rise." To love and anoint Or just prove a point Chorus I'm the one that he saved I'm the one that he raised From a dark quiet sleep from peace of the grave. I the one who owns much but that no one will touch Mothers see me and cry Dogs bare teeth as I walk by. I don't see a veil between heaven and hell The truth is there's nothing but a warm light and singing. But here in-between a voice haunts my dreams. Martha does what she can but won't look at my hands. Chorus I love the cool mornings I love a hot meal The pulse of the street night jasmine and clean sheets. I can't sleep of rest I feel lost and hard pressed. I wander these rooms still looking for you. Chorus I aught to be grateful to drink from the grail But I don't be belong on either side of this veil. I look down at my hands that are clasped in my lap. When he left this world I thought he'd take me back. From Letras Mania