Carrie Newcomer

Leaves Don't Drop, They Just Let Go
The truth I knew when I was eight. My dad swam the length of Spirit Lake. It must have been a million miles. ThisI knew was true. My mother sang while hangin' clothes. Her notes weren't perfect heaven knows. But heaven opened anyway. And this I knew was true. Chorus: Leaves don't drop they just let go, And make a place for seeds to grow. Every season brings a change, A seed is what a tree contains, To die and live is life's refrain. I left her with some groceries, Said, "Check the oil and call me please.” She said " Hey, ma I'll be just fine." This I knew was true. Chorus: I've traveled through my history, From certainty to mystery. God speaks in rhyme in paradox. This I know is true. An finally when life is through, I'm what I am not what I do. It comes down to you and your next breath, And this I know is true. From Letras Mania