Neva Dinova

With my silicon jacket and my flat glass screen, I got the facts and the figures, typed 'em in with my fingers, got to Google a question 'bout the QuickTrip's nitrate fare. It ain't with the mud and the paint, you created the world, from the dirt to the girl, impresive I'm colored so I can't get a job and I'm embarassed I said it but you can see where it's headed. I want a new world and I'm gonna try to type in the numbers right and build us a sky and then divide it by seven so we can get us some light so we can see what we're doin' when we're doin' what we're doin'. I want a new world, and I feel terrible. I was punching the figures in and forgot a variable but, fuck it, it's done, it's time to make me a son. I got the fear and the pain, it's time to pass it on. Oh, supercomputer please grant me my wishes, take care of my granny and plant me some fishes. Oh, mercy mercy, I'm on my knees, you make me a world all just to please you. We're starving beneath you, them zeroes can't cut it but I'm a fan of the ones but you're all so fickle 'bout watching the veins as the blood just trickles out. I'm gonna sing a song, and it will break your soul. From Letras Mania