New Flesh
Vital Existence is what I represent Expanding each word I learnt Sometimes the blood misses the priest The one that betrayed me for a cross Souls appeared like nothing Spinning around my aura The momentum was created The gates started to open There he was Abaddon Waiting for me Creatures of night crawl to their tombs We all go down first There's no angel in earth They shall be dead Someone screamed from inside me Back to earth or back to hell? Humankind must Die Past dreams, past fears The demon, the angel Letras de cancionesHe Ambushes you everyday, eating your trapped soul Abysmal pain for the ones that stole god words for gold God himself had this pain, his words burned our witches in ancient times New flesh Humankind must die Behind the wall that you created There's something more than what you mean Your kingdom dying is what I see Your world is infested and you're no more From Letras Mania