Ave Mysteriis
The five - pointed brings human perfection ... increasing fears ... so many power ... the circle's images beyond my debt Supreme evil Oh ! Anu my Lord In my visions of profane signs There's no coherence, just black desires I pray, my lord of disease Amen ! Black God I feel the 666 Through the acean, kutulu raises Through the fire, Nergal burns Diabolical arts to compose some hearts ... Supreme evil - Anu rules ... Waiting for horned legions To glorify his eminence ... Nanna cries your darkest light Uggae have mercy on my soul Shamash, turn to black Evil ways from Tiamat's praises Letras de cancionesTo curse, to summon, Oh ! Sacred Satan ! My real God ... your beasts are raising to my eyes ... from black womb ... crying ... burning ... holy practices of a precious and damned ... Mysteriis ... From Letras Mania