Throne Of Fire
Tortured by your curiosity You took another destiny The screams you'd heard were awful real Like they suffered a life of insanity You smelled the pain of distorted desire And took the path towards the lake of fire Your useless life slips away Pass your soul right on to me Today I'll make a final stand Your future becomes my history The throne of fire now belongs to me!!! When the apocalypse has arrived The seven lords will be released To judge the world by his deeds And kill the ones who have forsaken me Ruler of God I than shall be Because his holy ghost has embittered me As the son of Satan I mock the dead And offer their souls to take revenge To take revenge No warning signs Letras de cancionesJust human waste The stench of death Surrounds me Satan's wrath In yellow blaze A grip of evil Sounds from below From Letras Mania