Chas & Dave

Aint No Pleasing You
Well I've built my life around you, did what I thought was right But you never cared about me, now I've seen the light Oh darlin', there ain't no pleasing you You seemed to think that everything I ever did was wrong I should have known it all along Oh darlin', there ain't no pleasing you You only had to say the word, and you knew I'd do it You had me where you wanted me, but you went and blew it Now everything, I ever done, was only done for you But now you, can go and do, just what you wanna do, I'm telling you 'Cos I ain't gonna be made to look a fool no more You done it once too often, what do you take me for Oh darlin' there ain't no pleasing you Now if you think, I don't mean what I say and I'm only bluffing You've got another thing coming, I'm telling ya that for nothing Oh darlin' I'm leaving, that's what I'm gonna do From Letras Mania