Carpe Tenebrum

Requiem Spell
watching a thread of silver mar my eyes. Losing an intensity which once did not exist. Left alone a mirror of black, takes away the truth of existance aeturnal, did you ever really know it anyway? Who looks through to a realm labyrinth of nothingness rain? Lost are those who know no death, for they shall prosper none. For it was then and now and forever where I see ones calling I watch a raging sky and hear the hymns of ancient walked. I know a lust so deep, there is insufficient satisfaction. I walk through a hall of emeralds, they glisten through my feats. I hear the hymns of ancient walked, and let them reap an opus requiem. Touch the stars of my soul, and reap harvest of galaxies immense Watch us fall, and dance. Run through rivers of blood, cradled pale flesh, lay in the chamber of ones mistress dark. Lovers embrace in ocean spray. Locked in a silver fire immortal, but stars die too. Run in an abyss divine, float through hazy enlightenment. Ask and you shall wonder. Know and you shall lose, desolate, vast, black desert suffocating me. A mirage of forever, I reach and cease to breathe the diamond steals my breath to beauty enhance, and she lives all over you. Watching, waiting, knowing. The queen of the universe triumph. Beauty. Never whispers none, a palechord of melancholy, where a throne is sown black. Invoke them in the waters of desolation incarnate, walk through the clawing spines. A bride of the moon, a canopy of ashen dust. I laugh no more From Letras Mania