(feat. Ozi Batla, The Tongue, Jeswon & Dialectrix) [Tongue (Ozi):] Yeah yeah, Chasbot turn that beat up man Louder, louder, (yeah pump it up) louder (Pump that shit up) (Chasm LP) (You know what you've been waiting for... It's hereeeee) [Hook: x2] "I got the hi-tech superpowers like the X-Men" [Fame] "Bombing on your sound system late nights" "Spit the real" "Make shit precise and drop bombs in a second" [Verse 1: Ozi Batla] Chasm sound the horns of war These Sin City foot soldiers are bringing it raw Like hoards of mutants, just to cause a nuisance We spitting fire - you spit poor excuses These cats just don't know what a truce is Fire off your axillary boosters and it still losers Cause we the prime movers, Chasbot exterminate and crash your computer [Verse 2: Tongue] Yeah that's what I'm used to Free record deals in five years, Ohhh yeah - that's a producer Letras de cancionesChasm old school like Back to the Future A teacher, a drum-kit munching creacher The breaks arn't safe when we step in the place Dusty vinal still vital to our survival Beats and breaks help to keep us together A united front from now til whenever [Hook x2] [Verse 3: Jewson] When we make lines - it's getting you amped like cocaine Not late night cabbies that suffer from road rage Not fussing with gold chains, try topping this? No way From stopping this bomb shit from dropping in 08 You topping the home-made, flames fresh out the basement Demonstrating a statement that's generating amazement It's blatant when gracing the beat from my man Chasm My speech is a hand-cannon as deep as the Grand Canyon [Verse 4: Dialectrix] These people that plan action, collective and complete Together from the outter-west of the centre of Sydney Imbedded in histroy, impeccable prestige And never will cease til we bury this six-feet The wait is over like the apocolypse came We rock hotter than flames like moulder rock in the glacier Like the Titanic but twice as gigantic And beats as so deaf we rhyme in sign language [Hook x2] From Letras Mania