A Wet Nightmare
I find it kind of funny and I find it kind of sad That the dreams in which I'm dying Are the best I've ever had Where there's fire I'll carry gasoline, we just ourselves By supermodels, super imposed in magazines What do you do when light switches don't work And you're salsa dancing with confusion When no one's your friend except needles and addictions Without your enemies and your problems you'd feel alone But I guess that's why we write fiction Limping through life, pointing at beauty and writing novels While the others hack off their limbs And complain how they have to hobble If I'm in the land of the dead Then it's when I open my eyes Everyday I keep opening my eyes, hoping you die Maybe that could release the agony Strangers don't talk But I promise, I awoke when you cried I awake everyday and I'm restless throughout the night I swear they made me do it, when I took this axe to the pipe Now my house looks like Venice And I'm every derelicts apprentice Life's like tennis We wait till we're 40 to look for love Letras de cancionesMisplace our racket Get our teeth knocked out and god's the dentist I said I'd never forget you but you forgot yourself For control they teach self hate So we don't kiss the mirror Making up stories of Chris Cringle Heaven and hell, pursed lips whistling with fear If you can't handle your crisis Then why not just disappear That's what hypocritical brave people do That's what they do The best dream I ever dreamed Was that I was falling from a rocket And I died, I died, I don't dream The best dream I ever dreamed Was that I was all by myself but never alone The worst dream I ever dreamed Was that everyone was around me But I had no place to call my home I had so much to say but I had no lips I had no tomorrow and I had no today Everything was broken but there was nothing to fix I had no more tears I just had spit, I just had this, that's love isnt it It's too many sacrifices, lips stick prices And plastic Christ is Sometimes I wonder what I'm a do with my life Waster says it's a joke Some wasting on chasing a cross or a pope We keep biting off more then we can prove Till we finally can't breathe and can see That our goals can't be achieved Till we take a look in the mirror and can't believe Till we look in the mirror and say that can't be me So we chain ourselves down so tight that we can't get free We like to keep ourselves in hell Stay Calm., 1, 2, 3 Same old shit I wake up with sweat on my brow from falling in a dream You know, the type when you jump up quick Every time you hit When everything feels like déjà vu When you sit back and laugh cause you know what Everybody's gonna do If we're all gonna die Then there is no us, there is no me, there is no I There is no you I can still see your face when you'd ask me a question And raise your eyebrow Like when we were looking up at the stars And you'd ask me what am I thinking about right now You wanted to change the world But you never wanted to change yourself You just wanted to give me a hug every time you hurt me Lust is a sexually transmitted disease and love is herpes Keep lighting up your cigarettes And I'll keep this fire lit in my eyes Cause it's hard for hate to go cold turkey Every night I look up at the stars Close my eyes and cringe Only to open them up and see you off in the distance Still holding that same fucken syringe Wake me up when it's over Give me a kiss on the cheek and hold my hand Fly with me to the milky way Where our thoughts can stay sober And everything can unfold as planned I find it kind of funny and I find it kind of sad That the dreams in which I'm dying Are the best I've ever had From Letras Mania