Last Episode
The end of this sacred story I'll always remember this I will, too, so you can follow In hours of pleasure and pain [Bridge 1] And I will preach in this light, I can't fall through this night, Will awake in my own time In my own time I was born in this land I grew up in a jungle of stone, I felt the hate of all men, But I fought my way up alone [Bridge] In cities in halls, Revolution, to have a land Raise your swords to lords stonecold, [Refrain] Dreams of a this time Scenes from long ago, Years have to flow, .....memories still survive Letras de canciones In the distance far away Escape in me, dreams let me out, I can remain and feel the pain, Of a land where the mountains sleep [Refrain] I feel the rain on my face its running down on me, I lay in the grass in the alps, This is the dream about my life, Where my fathers want to, fathers want to fight In the distance...... [Bridge 2] [Refrain] From Letras Mania