Hillflames On High
What have the arrows done To form the path we see, The pain the rage that I see, It doesn't follow me, And the victory of this life, They take his holy forms, As Gessler goes into the hell, Your lords must never be born [Bridge 1: Instrumental] Echos of suffering Through the darkest night, Forget the laws of the enemies, All the order bloody right, Against the black empire A defense wall of men, Now thats your desire..... Helvetia strikes (back) again [Bridge 2] Zundet ds Fuur doch a D'Schlacht isch da Bridge3 This is the time for the holy crusade, Letras de cancionesThis is the time that Gessler falls This confederation is now together, The confederation waits for the one [Refrain] Hillflames on high, Signs in the sky for the fight Hillflames on high, Signs in the sky for the fight [Bridge 4] The tales of our lives, Away in memories, The spirit of all time, Living in our dreams, In a land built out of nowhere, In a lot of lies, The future in their hands The power of your will Is here to carry on, The darkness was erased, The faith is keeping strong, He walks through the lane, Heading his places he's been, Is this reality, Or a dream within a dream? [Bridge 3] [Refrain] [Bridge 2] [Bridge 3] [Refrain] From Letras Mania