Don't Destroy
Like an emissary through the village, With the hood of Gessler hanging, On the wooden pole at the marketplace, He is lost in his own town Silently I welcome, The glorious mist of town, Time to send one warrior home, He is lost in his own town Brigde 1 Huet nid gruesse, De wirsch buesse, Sotsch aber muesse Das isch Macht! The punishment is, The shot with a crossbow, At the apple The head of his lovely son But he hit the holy fruit, Gessler hates the glory shoot, Catch Tell to take his blood, Take the holy blood Letras de canciones[Bridge 2] Tell, great warrior, I greet you with hail, By fire and frost, Gessler wants revenge, In the other life we'll stand, We are the strong, In a better world we'll meet, You're the suffering one [Refrain] Don't destroy the circle of the pole He still dreams.... I've seen the sun of tomorrow rise, From the deepest rage of nowhere Tells soul to save On the journey to his death, In a boat on a secret lake, The men seize their only chance, Escape into the dark Then the storm shall arise, Turns the clouds into grey, Sends up a howling wind, Across the secret lake [Bridge 1] [Refrain] On the journey..... Then the storm shall arise..... [Bridge 1] [Refrain] From Letras Mania