The Tombstone
Far from the land where the sun was born, I went rambling among the Alps, Through the stones and through the trees, Accompanied only by hope alone The path takes me to the top, Where the eagles want to fly [Bridge 1] To cross the valleys into the mountains, Valleys of the kings, I will shed my illusions to the whispering of the wind, Dark tales are waiting for me and taking me back home, To the home where the saga has begun.... back into that time My face was close, My fingers he tasted, Just the stone had crossed my way, But behind my mask I feel the power, in my mind, Everything's out of control, Into the land of fantasy [Bridge 2] Everything is out of control Somewhere in your mind, I feel the power of the stone, Letras de cancionesBlinded by the fear of life [Refrain] I feel the tombstone on the hills standing still, He sends me to the land Where my predecessor fought to die Get up into the valley where justice wasn't there, The hungry howl at the door and whose moon is full of blood, Slaves wrote this tale in blood, the sense (of justice) Begins to die [Bridge 1] [Refrain] I feel the tombstone........ [Refrain] I know this land, I like this land, Slights change into darkness, I know the man who walks to me, A crossbow in his hands..... With the crossbow in his hands.... Crossbow in his hands [Bridge 2] From Letras Mania