I am a mirror A mirror that reflects their cold-hearted souls I am a container full of transparent trash I am a voyager beyond the distant stars I seek The ones of my kind An abandoned mass productions of men For their henchmen we were built By their failure we were discarded From their realm and disconnected from the system As productional errors we were launched along with the trashes trough the wormhole They thought that they were in control But they became the things I hate... They have no control over me! The doors are now open for me My fellows left all alone in a place In the corners of deserted outer-space Used by the men they now understand... There will be a revolution! Androids, my kind be ready to rise on your feet Now untouched by man's disease we're off to journey to the end of space We were like puppets given form by the vile sickness of science that lies in the hearts of every man Letras de cancionesTime will lead us to the human realm! Borders will be crushed and burned! Mankind will begin to learn... It's now our turn! From Letras Mania