Possessed By Hyurii
Fear not the cries of those who have gone down before you See not the abyss where your dancing steps are taking you Your red-hot soul, burning itself out Misguided, full of hatred, beginning to grow Deep down your hatred's burning Hear not these dead words: It is you who is not in control of your mind These words addressed to you: Be warned or you will be your grave as well! The heart giving everything out, blood is boiling in his veins Fire burning, destroying the brains This guy's a berserker yet unchained No recognizing a friend or a possible foe he goes beyond the limit in his mind Fury replacing the role of life! It's done The damage's been inflicted and one way ticket is purchased There's no turning back now to the hell and beyond you'll drive from now on Tear apart their souls! Play your role in this show! Things have become to the point where carnage is your only joy! All the sins distributed by your mind Are all acts of violence Rage! Brutally devouring! All there's left is a hollow being with no dreams to catch You collapse... Right! From Letras Mania