Children Of The Corn

Stretch & Bobbito 94' Freestyle Part 1 & 2
[Big L:] Yo, here's another smooth song to get your groove on Violate or try to fake jacks and you'll get moved on Peace to all my niggas with the thousand dollar jewels on Pushin' rides, with full-length minks, with gator shoes on I'm known for rockin' tours picture me moppin' floors Only fuck with keys and not the kind that be lockin' doors The type of nigga that be gamin' your freaks While you out workin' hard I'm puttin' stains in your sheets And sportin' Coogi and Gucci that's my duty Fuck a big bootie groupie Need a fruity, cutie hoochie with lots of loochie This goes out to my niggas Uptown Downtown, Midtown, across town and out of town I be the mic horker Rap enforcer Native New Yorker Slick talker Beat walker stalker You remember me when I put it on with the Kid Capri Mr. MVP is back to take over the industry My cash flow don't get low it just increase Whoever try to take mines will rest in peace I keep a stoned look, peace to every known crook Not those who go to jail can't hold they own and come home shook On 1-3-9 and Lenox niggas are bananas Letras de cancionesWe got bad manners, cops can't stand us That's why they try to jam us But I hate jakes they mad cause I make papes I'm large like the Great Lakes, with drug spots in 8 states I'm chillin' makin' sure this money is right Sippin' sunny delight, hittin' every honey in sight And I wanna smoke Pataki and Rudolph Guilli Like a whoolie I keep a toolie for any moolie who act foolie What I recite be takin' hours to write So if you bite tell your man what kind of flower's you like So Bloodshed A yo, mellow my nigga Yo, just get on the mic and pull the emcee trigger [Bloodshed:] A yo Blood's out for president I roll through your residence You're hesitant Because you know what I represent Harlem USA nigga it ain't nothin to say or do We rap piranhas slay your crew, baby boo, and maybe you We dismiss crews Mainly sick fools run and I leave ya click bruised And take your sick jewels straight to the pawn shop And feel the blasts like a bomb dropped Mad niggas I ran threw With niggas I ain't knew it ain't new I leave broken like a faggot wrists So it's the way niggas wanna bring the drama off Killin Blood you got better chance than Mutombo beatin up Olajuwon I got 600 mo' mo Brothas that run with 4-4 Pullin a nigga over like he loco Maybe it's just my time god Or is it I'm the crime boss Or I'm just mad that every job costs But the baddest dude be actin wilder Wettin niggas up like showers Sellin crack and smack in pouches Jewels gigantic Ice flooded like the titanic Cash is sanit Flashin for granted faster than ceramics And keep it in my crime family Strangers with ice my life ain't nothin but Papers and dice Y'all frontin I used to prophet slowly Niggas ain't know me Men of the older G Never thought I would grow to be The cash getting Mad spittin Jumpin in the bath with ass drippin Getting blast takin the path sippin I know it ain't hard to see sunny With Meeno inside the 320 killin new jacks for g money Mase murder on my left Watch you gon do kill this shit to fuckin death [Mase Murder:] Aiyo fuck we into fly shit like Versace wear Where niggas dressed in Guess that's what got me here In the summer I sip the Perrier listen to Mary J Even when there's a heat wave we still smoke everyday Sit with men that count Benjamins start the engine then We wearin ice the Rollie watches made in Switzerland My pico chico tryin to see more c-notes So when he go his kids have cheddar like a ritos Reset every month jacob see checks While niggas can't even front with a GS 3 Lex Aiyo I'm tryin to see Harlem become a Dynasty So all my niggas shine with me Until Jehovah come and say it's time for me Screw fare cause I won't be around on new years So I chill with out a deal still rock the Wu-wear I'll do whatever to help Harlem have they rulin era I'll have the loot forever drivin Benz coops and better Hard to hit got a garage full of whips Large and rich like the cats from the Godfather's flick I make dough stay low take those 8 O's To yeah yo in case those cato's do favo's My shorty Audrey had the mean 740 We had an orgy she wanted to leave her husband for me I make cash put it straight in the stash Never smoke lame cats that want the 8 and a half I know some short hoes that snort O's and import O's And sport gold with more ice than the North Pole So hand them chips to large management Got plans to get the land and the six Mecca to the floor like no man you met before Sexin you roar like hoes from Ecuador My bitch be the bomb with the whips and charms Slip a mickey in your Don for fuckin with nicky bonds Nigga I'm rich yo for flip we hold chips Rock gold and glits on the Motorola flip Even your daughter wanna be my camportor Spendin cheese like water whippin 3 and a quarter The whole shebang you know how Mase be throwin game Getting head from bitches and don't even know they name I know cats that hold plat they gold ac got stole back by low jacks Them niggas ain't never get they dough back And if you wasn't statin them greenies you probably seen me I'm Murder a.k.a. Mr. Mussolini Yo Killa Cam you know my mellow my nigga Get on the mic and squeeze them emcee triggers BLOOOOWWWW [Killa Kam:] These girls got me laughin Out here actin like they gattin But we make cash and stash then we out Some do follow but they hollow It's about today fuck tomorrow And I ain't got no sorrow for these snitches Only thugs go out in these drenches While I'm out fuckin new r and b bitches I know at least 3 chics I get for they g bricks Turn they little ass out shine up on they remix Drivin in they B6 all decked out Missin all they shows cause I got em stressed out Aiyo I'm tryin to duck a 2 to 6 for movin bricks And luprids chic aiyo you got to be stupid bitch They the one that give the cash give the ass Can't count how many chics I gassed They be like your supposed to care for me I ain't believing that for the ghost of me Masturbatin to Jodeci But as soon as I get her hit her split her Make her ass shine like glitter Ky starts to shitter And they want the dick give em a taste so they squirm I make sure they learn with a taste full of sperm And I lick the clitty not the shitty But quickly get busy not to picky you don't got to be jiggy It's 550 and I fuck a hoe till she come She try to act aight like she don't know what she done Now she got amnesia and you know how that hunny goes Don't sweat it nigga laugh at them funny hoes Aiyo I let they mother know That I ain't they lover though Soon as I bust a nut I'm on the phone with another hoe [McGruff:] Yo, yea, it all started as a drug game I used mug for fame and put slugs in dames to get my thugged name And so I started sniping fast, when niggas see me they got hype and dash, because I'm out to get sum type of cash Ayo I wanna see my cash flow Instead u gotta last yo, I watch my halves grow so I can stash dough And if a nigga wat to start with me, he know he don't want no parts of me I bring my squad with me and slit your arteries I only bump a Smith & Stress, when I blast my Smith & Wess, ripped and get bless, they lifted from the scess nigga While my peoples selling weed and drugs I defeated thugs, and heated slugs, if a nigga front I street his mug In fact, I keep a hundred hoes, & I only run with those that thunderblow, hidden in they underclothes nigga And niggas know I roll with Murda Mase We're known to hurt and waste, alert your race, and when we do desert the place Now they got my ass in bars, for fifty little slash and scars And with the dimes plus, the cash, and cars If u pose to threat & flee You beta b in my pedigree Or on the floor is where your head'll be Me & my peeps show the streets and holding heats We rolling deep, in Lexus coupes and stolen jeeps, check it My snick has let off, the pounds of gloccs, cops hear the sound of shots, around the block, patrolling shit around the clock And I'm a keep peeling guns, till I'm feeling funds, and once the deal is done I'm guaranteed to be 4-wheelin, son And it's my dream Black To see my team stack By selling fiends smack To get the green back & push the mean Acs. (Acuras) And the word I give is not conservative; growing up an urban kid I realized we need the Earth to Live And being trouble boo, we let a couple loose, from the double-deuce Leaving trails of fellas from your bubble-goose Stay on da low yo Cause Po-Po be acting loco, & robo, Dats why I keep the Fo-Fo(44 mag. gun) Yea [Killa Cam:] I went to Texas people, caught wreck with people Who had injection infected needles, some terrorist people Baby burst the desert eagles, killa slices Cold as the ices, one of the trifest Hypest to shiestest y'all run like mices in a crisis Y'all never hear nobody did me in I be in Lebanon with the Libyans, now it's just Caribbean I blow fucking tally on, cause I got money pals on tours Selling big thousand on... crack, smack and Tylenol All I got's the crack option, 031's what I wrap boxing In '89 when I was slap boxing, now I box on padlocking And gat cocking and gat poppin', doing drive bys out the black drops I ain't little... but vicious, guns no misses You feel me, kisses or wishes, before I break you up like dishes Fuck your bosses, my forces, it tosses To kill all your sources you niggas best be cautious No losses my fortress, is Jaguars and Porsches Ride the OTB to check my money on the horses My horrors is flawless, my block one of the broadest Off the main attraction on the mighty ass chorus That I tosses, it scorches, without no remorses Leave their bloody body to be counted in Mount Morris Harlem leave you scoreless, I shoot your bitch and leave you broad less So if you want we can start the static like a cordless Niggas done got me thru though You know Uptown my papi chulos 84' they used to roc munudos Up in the sheist is where they be starting the fights And the Dominican Republic know it's the Washington Heights Disregarding your rights That's where they slammed a cop, grams were popped, my fam was spot When we get the rocks, a hundred grams we copped So here, we demand our props Handle blocks, Neva sham no shops Scam no blocks for their whole fifty-granded knots Nobody, runs mine 5/O was one time, from gun crimes, get scum dimes, stay low till the sunshine Ain't trying to be no suspect, from when we was drug net With tough necks, and buff sex, who thought they were ruff necks So get ready the car, you won't get far I pop my trunk faster, don't make me flex on you ghetto-style like Funkmaster [Murda Mase:] Yea nigga Yo you know me l be O.T., low key, icy rolly, Murda on the O-Z Or icy Rolex fuck it I'm a bring from the top yea nigga we gon drop Just like fuck dat, get me anything, we can drop to anything, anything Yo, yo I represent dem niggas dat be dogging dem tricks so if you's a real man don't be hogging your bitch Get to sex, den kick her out like your ex, she wouldn't fuck with you if you didn't have the Lex It makes no sense how hoes live getting bent, fucking in the house where they man pay the rent So if you got a sexy hoe, let her go, you never know, for the cheddar yo, she might be giving head for dough I flip stacks... get that... Big Black 96' Ac, and then go to my ex's house and ask for all my shit back You used to mean a lot, I give you cream to shop, bout you everything you got, from the jeans to the watch I even let the bitch whip the Beamer out the lot, and dats all over, I want my things in the box You think you so slick but I see through ya'll dats why I tell my man Cam to bring the U-Haul Who need ya, you don't need me, I don't need you either Dats why my next Lex gon be a 2-seater Shit I used to do for you, had you looking beautiful, now you saying fuck me, now I'm feeling mutual How you expect me to respect you... when you in the club looking sexual, doing shit my ex do You know I peeped ya, all you do is smoke reefa, when I go O.T., you always blowing up my beeper Never be da King, have my only queen, on the beach in g-strings letting niggas see things We ain't together, don't worry bout who seeing my cheddar, you never called to see how I'm doing... you worried bout who I'm screwing Thought you dissed me, but you got dissed in the end... now I'm twisting your friend and driving the biggest Benz Since the day I left, you always stayed I debt,.. now you got to save your check, just to get a Arivex Through it all, yo I'm a still go to the mall, and trick, on another bitch, to show you I don't love you bitch. [Killa Cam:] Ayo we's about to rush dis, cats I will justice, racks... yea we crushed it, gats... yea we bust it... You got me... I'm every Boricuas' papi... without the Versace... girls still clock me, and watch me 5-O always trying to knock me and lock me, but they know that they can't stop me For fact the... check me, rolling in the sexy, 400 SE, jet black Lexi Edible, Sexable, running from these federals, catch me... they never will Cam too incredible, respectable, pad lock, dag cops, mad rocks, from mad blocks, gat cock, now we get mad props Creamy, white girls saying that I'm dreamy, in they bikini, claiming they wanna see me Used to roc a beanie, me and Mussolini, bought a ta-sheeny, when it came from the greenies Mudshed, when I'm in the Beamer with Bloodshed, ride right past Jakes, go get our ass ate From tookers, hookers, yea they some lookers, but when it's time to pay they gon say they shook us Like Sandra, Conda, 4 pairs of Farmers, and mad ganja, took her Elantra On my dick, ain't another bitch fonder, but I wear two hats I don't wanna catch the "Monster"! [Bloodshed:] Yo I run with "Wildcats" like "Villanova" Y'all smoke crack and kill Jehovah Before you bump into this villain sober Causing the controversy that niggaz be illing over To have the children who be killing, in your building killing My skills is trife as hitting scriptures from Hitler And if I'm out to get ya give ya mom a picture Cause she'll miss ya, I roll with sniffers that annihilate So if you try to violate, I have 'em under pressure like a trial date Even if you tried you couldn't get with it That last nigga that tried was crucified with his shit splitted I pull the plug so all the chests get going Cause my tech be blowing So hard it leaves vest and large intestines showing God I peeped you, go ahead and try to set it But don't act speedy, or get beat, cause I can't stand it like a diabetic Peace to hustlas, with integaras and cellular And 1-80 scars, across their jaws and their jugulars From Letras Mania