One Chance

Just Like
Just like Just like It's been a couple months since I've seen you smiling, babe I've been trying to figure it out, girl Could it be because you ain't seen that much of me? Cause I'm in and out of town, girl Oh, cuckoo I know this music playing is so brand new and It's rough sometimes It can be hard on you But baby, I'm your soldier Can't wait til I can hold ya Just in case, you forgot I'll say it once again [Chorus:] Just like You're missing me I'm missing you And everytime You're without me I'm without you The days go by It only brings me closer to coming home Don't wanna leave you alone, baby Letras de cancionesJust like the perfect fit for hand and glove And more like the best of friends, I fell in love The days go by It only brings me closer to you Baby, I want you to know I'm just like you I know sometimes I don't call like I'm supposed to Don't mean I don't wanna hear your voice, girl And you say my actions don't show I'm missing you But sometimes I don't have a choice, girl I know you think that I'm out doing wrong But none of these girls can gimme what I get at home Baby, you're the reason why I'm doing what I'm doing Don't trip, we'll make it through it [Chorus] Girl, I understand how you feel Cause I've been there before But you gotta know Don't act like I ain't never done it back again Girl, trust me I'm your man, baby [Chorus] I'm just like Just like you [x3] Oh, somebody help me say Oh, girl I'm just like Just like you [x3] Oh, babe, yeah [Chorus] Just like I'm just like you Just like [x10] From Letras Mania