A Canorous Quintet

Realm Of Rain (Crystal, Chapter One)
Misty shadows grips the heart Souls reunite in order of chaos [*] Wnite knights guards the treasures of dreams In the centre of the storm a man is to emerge To find the pleasure beyond the lost horizon Now hidden beyond a realm of rain Entering the vein of black Blood runs red in seas of sorrow Tne sun burns grey in a cloudy sky Confusion! Many questions why? It's time to leave this earthly palace The crystal is stolen, as worlds collapse Reality disappears, shaking in disgust The crystal leads astray A foul taste of truth Blood runs red in the flow of forever Springs of salt runs down the face Left alone in silent disgrace [*repeat] Letras de cancionesAs the leaves slowly falls to the ground Forever captured spirits of life The pathis gone without a trace Lost in a universe of deceit But somewhere in the distant (a light breaths its last sigh) From Letras Mania