Explicits (The)

Hey, my conscious is outrun. It's only cause I forgot to tell you that you're not the only one. Come, and show me what you got. My guess is as good as yours as its not what I am, it's what I'm not. Whoa, hate me. Whoa, come on and hate me. My reputation precedes me. In everything that you see. May not be the best of me, or of her, or of him that could be. Nothing in the past relates. Pledge to us your undying hate. With these memories of few. How they suffocate me and you. Breathe, in your fascination. About how I overcame how I suffered with our asphyxiation. You, you're not all I got. I hope with these last words that I scream from my mouth, that you (Thanks to Stephanie for these lyrics) From Letras Mania