Before I Leave
(feat. Drapht, Patto and Illy) [Verse 1: Drapht] Define me like a lion defines a whole jungle Definition of street and humble Like Bruce Lee in Rumble in the Bronx Summoned to the tops like we just stumbled across Rupunzel locks whatever Barney Gumble gots, I want it Plutonic blaze, hitting harder than bubonic Plague a convict, confiscate Record to the weight off like Fonda's tape Everyone's like Charlie Chapplin And Tom Cruise is acting like Michael Jackson It's crazy, maybe the global warming Or maybe it's the famous a falling Call me Pauly Polter, roll in a six White like a polar bear stare a solar eclipse Kick the goal like kids switch kick flipping the rock and roll On top of the bowl, that's control [Hook: All] It's Obese, here to leave impressions Beathedz, bring the heat relentless Crooked eye, bout to speak the essence "I came too far not to be respected" Letras de canciones[Verse 2: Illy] Before I leave, I'm setting benchmarks each release Rock debut drop retiree and every disc between And I'm a be seen with at least one Veronica sitting on a beach Sipping something sweet somewhere in the tropics Fat wallet in my deep pockets But now I got no cash, no smash hit Just dash and tip the next shit, no slash, no asterix When the champagne bottles pop, victory cigars lit I'll leave my classics and an arse to kiss You believe the cheek of this kid? Believing nobody out equal this except a few at the top Before he hit the door, I thought I'd drop a send off fit for a boss I'm on a track with Pegz, so that's one less task left To achieve, before I leave [Hook] [Verse 3: Patto] Before I leave, I want a house with no lease And bed down with a fatter momma than obese Drunk in the streets running a muck Junk hanging out the front like a peking duck Punk mad weights, get large as hell So I can hang around with pussy like Gargamle From getting blow once a year like a birthday candle To getting more chicks than Heffner can handle Moved from Coburg to Coburg North From a bedroom house, to a house with a porch Get mad rich, make a smash hit song And be the first in the charts that won't feature Akon Go triple plat with best rap tune Collect my award in an Adidas bapsuit It it's all bad and my plan turns shitty At least they can say that he rocked burn city [Hook] [Verse 4: Pegz] Yeah I thought I knew the difference, between the music business And gay rappers break dancing on Euro Vision But who will listen to somebody with a shoe addiction? Living with their mums, talking about their crew is pimping Spinal tap with laptops and final scratch This is for my real DJ's bringing the vinyl back On a diamond back, with a biker's patch 20 Inch biceps, covered in tribal tats Chasing hits like a junkie hoe One dole day, walking down Studley Rd. Got a beautiful mind and a heart of gold But you don't want to push me around like Russell Crowe Not a role model, Godfather that's not me If I touch a few souls that's extraordinary But all I want is respect, before I leave Paying homage to the New York Come on [Hook] From Letras Mania