Assembly Of Dust

Bus Driver
On a dark and cold and windy night A man left from his home Said I'm going to find my fortune father, Leave well enough alone. He took off on a silver steed. Ain't never gonna look on back Slept down by the water's edge By a railroad track. {chorus} Never let 'em go, never get away Never let 'em go, never get away - This I share with you. Never let 'em go, never get away Never let 'em go, never get away. Some time has passed, some thoughts were thought Some things will never change Sometimes we move to find direction Sometimes we stay the same And on a cold and dreary evening He woke to find a dream Sang a song from sacred spaces Letras de cancionesThe best you ever seen {chorus} Seems to me in modest interest of self and betterment The dreams you have you follow freely And find yourself content The man whose self, the man whose secrets I share with you in part Is following the road less taken He's following his heart {chorus} In times of doubt and misconception That's when we tend to run Sippin' on some Tennesse whiskey Back turned towards the sun And on a cold and dreary evening, That's where you'll find your man Lookin for a new horizon A bottle in his hand From Letras Mania