Assembly Of Dust

Honey Creeper
I hope I find a noble death and avoid an angry trigger I guess I'll find my ripe old self or at least that's what I figure The sour breath of a disappointed girl daring the man who could keep her She was born by the name of Lynn but she went by Honey Creeper. The bones of an old life call They tear at the threads of my innards Somewhere something went wrong Now I'm living with ghosts and with sinners It must have been 1929 when I took my turn to hold her I felt a longing that I couldn't quit express and by fault I never told her I'm an old man that's what I am like and old stump in the ground You can't find a man who doesn't want to be found I'm an old man that's what I am that's what I've come to know I became a shadow when I let that woman go. When I raise my weary old eyes and prepare to meet my maker. I'll find that love of mine, Mrs. Honey Creeper and I'll do my best to take her The lord knows I will do my best to take her From Letras Mania