Born With Things To Do
Got a drawer full of alarm clocks And the case is in your head And it's playing different sides now Like the fishers of men and the men And the lawyers in their places At a table next to you Making passions for some jury Who have got an awful lot to chew Was there ever any question? I was born with things to do Did my mama ever wonder? I was always going to So let's put it in a shoebox Letras de cancionesTake it all the way upstairs Find the deepest darkest closet In the basement of a jail Where the guards just scream all day into your face (As you realize its love you keep this way) "If this is love, you better pray for some escape" Did my baby ever wonder? I was born with every clue Was it ever any question? I would leave each one confused? And I got nothing but minutes End to end ahead of me (And no more reasons rhyme) And I haven't got the answers But I'm asking all the time Did my mama ever question? I was always going to Was it ever any wonder? I was born with things to do From Letras Mania