Becoming All Things
Alright, my love Our time is up I need you to be ready The war is coming The army's up and running And you know I'll go too The night is young yes I'm watching you shift Those stones inside your belly And hiding my eyes Sure you'd recognize The mutiny in them swelling See I gave my heart to some mad God Letras de cancionesNever cared for the incision And the prisons dark As I slip between these bars and greet these visions Just the stock brokers And the monsignors chasing prostitutes through the Bowery Past the Dow and Jones Monday's junkie models bones feed the furnaces on Friday And the climbers wake in the streets having fallen Back down into town from the mountains surrounding And a two dollar Staple Singers tape plays from somewhere I think that it's 'Freedom Highway' but I ain't sure And the vendors sell pride but what transfers is hate Some lie that you're better or normal or safe And terror's a sea that just swells inside each of us Just within reach of us, keeping our peace from us And the city's lit up like a fireworks display Where tonight it's the head of this state on a plate And Saint Francis, Zookeeper, minding the grave Poor Jesus he just wanders round in that cage Becoming all things Becoming all things Becoming all things Becoming all things From Letras Mania